Revisiting Main Street 2016: WEST: 17TH – 18TH AVENUE

Under construction in 2011 when the original series was shot, 3333 Main now occupies an entire city block from 17th – 18th Ave on Main Street’s west side. This is the spot where Main Street “chicanes” to the east, and as such there was ample room for public space as the new condo building recedes from the curb as you head south. The straws (not staples!), the poodle, a grassy knoll and some bistro chairs. Flanked by corporate outlets and stacked with people above. It’s not exactly brimming with life as a public space should be, but the pocket park has room for trees and greenery, always welcome on our high streets. Take a look back to see how this block fared in 2011 – mostly construction and the promise of pre-sale condos.






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3 thoughts on “Revisiting Main Street 2016: WEST: 17TH – 18TH AVENUE

  1. Richard says:

    It was a Jimmy Pattison owned car dealership before the construction

    • Brian Chisholm says:

      Prior to being a car dealership there was a dairy on this spot with counter service. I think what you are referring to as staples at the triangular park is the orange structure with the patio searching underneath. This pergola was meant by the designers to be drinking straws that are all connected together evoking the past use as a dairy. This dairy theme was also used in the building and the park where you see circles in various places signifying the bubbles in a frothy milkshake. Not very successfully in my mind, but as time goes by the pergola (and poodle on a pole) are becoming part of the streetscape.

      • davidniddrie says:

        Thx for this info, Brian! I looked up that spot in the archives and there are some pics from the ‘dairy era’. Will try and post one to our Instagram in the near future. Alas, didn’t make the connection with the ‘straws’ (or bubble motif) but hey, that’s public art for ya. Cheers!

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