Welcome to Disappearing Main Street

Disappearing Main Street is a documentary photography project looking at Vancouver’s Main Street, from 2nd to 33rd Avenue and back down again. Over a six-month period last year, through three seasons and every weather condition, we took 62 blocks of continuous photos of Main Street. For the next five weeks, we’ll post one block of these photos each day—the east side of the street in the morning and the west side in the evening.

We fear for Mount Pleasant. Our favourite street is going through an accelerated pace of change. Many long time iconic businesses have disappeared, only to be replaced by “for lease” signs. In fact, several of the blocks have already seen significant changes since we began taking photos. Most recently, we mourn the loss of Irene’s Hair Salon, Bert’s, Pinky Laundry, Windjammer, Life of Riley, Cipriano’s, Outdoor Innovations…and even Blockbuster.

Check back daily as we explore 31 blocks of Main Street. And please… share your stories, memories and ideas for this place we call home.

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4 thoughts on “Welcome to Disappearing Main Street

  1. Bill Chance says:

    Great idea, thanks for sharing.

  2. Christopher Quine says:

    Really liking this. I own Whoa! Nellie. A bikeshop that opened in September 2011 on the Kafka’s block. We have good feelings about the area. A little worried about what will go in beside Tim Horton’s there but our fingers are crossed that we will be able to survive on Main for years and years along side our other Mom & Pops.

    • mainstvan says:

      Thx for your comments, Christopher! Main Street definitely needs to keep up support for the Mom & Pops, and your bike shop is a welcome addition to the neighbourhood. We shot your block a month or so before you opened up when the big hole was still next door to Kafka’s. Now we have a modern, glass fronted building in that space. We, too, feel some concern about who may appear. Of course there is lots of space for variety on Main Street, but the Main/Broadway nexus can feel like a gauge for what’s next…

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